Planetary romance

 Imagine you are in a dimension  

and there is no time… 

While earth moved around the sun 

and two doves descended 

Seduced by an alien  

– Is it you? 

Gladiation, daring escapes 

Adventure story set in space 

Bonding between clones, fluid genders 

Different from real-life cultures 

Unrequited and taboo 

Disastrous results that follow 

In a world that is unreachable… 

a very different Superhero 


Superhero, master of dreams

Colorful adventure, large canvas

Heightened drama, strange horizons

Between this world and ours

Same edge, different slant

Exaggerated story, negative effect

 It’s not linear, there’s no time

Gravity is slowing down

Lost world separate from our own

A war across time, not love


that’s what annoys me


I hate nothing.  I never hate.

Only hardened hearts and fashion slaves

And people who act REALLY goth

Or the smell of a dirty litter box

People who hate message boards

Disloyalty and rumors

Mayonnaise, mustard and wild mice

Poison ivy/sumac and loud noise

Also bees.  Any bug that stings

Self-replicators, genes and memes

I hate the bright sun when driving home

Freewebs.  (So unreliable.)

People who talk smack about parents

Discrimination of any sort.  Intolerance

Double standards, Reality TV

Bullies, rapists, religious extremes

People who get on my nerves

Druggatics and stalkers

Immature people who are over twelve

Extreme dislike for car commercials

I hate that Justin is such a jerk

And clown pictures in the dark

People who speak leet all the time

And wannabes are so annoying

I hate snobs and people who brag

Terrorists, nazis and the war in Iraq

Emos, hacks and perverts

Should be avoided at all costs

Mathematics of the algebraic perswasion

Fleas, ticks, country music and sunburn

I hate nothing.  I never lose my temper

Still amusing as much as ever

Not enough caffeine in my bod

I hate that I’m not rich.  Rock on!

Your shopping cart

Organic bananas, tree-rippened peaches

Natural products and Alouette cheeses

And eco-friendly  laundry detergent

To match my pink antifreeze/coolant

High-def TV’s from Samsung and Sony

High-end cell phones and  Blackberries

Video game systems like xbox 360

And cheap Plasmas from Vizio/Viore

Yes, we’re coming in for deals

Without abandoning our ideals

Real businesses are going green

Low-price leader…I’m a fan!

Made For You

Wait, wait, wait…what?

I order my burgers only kechup

My girlfriend’s sandwich is fine…and mine?

It came back with some kind of gooey cheese all over it

And some kind of sauce…it’s all wrong!

I should have requested a dine-in order

And inspected it at the counter

Please just get my grill order right

BNT and medium fries

How hard is it to not put things on a burger?

And put together my special order

As for my Hot Fudge Sundae…

I’m lovin’ it… Anyway!


The halls were lit
And at the same time
With a pattern of roses…

Suffering insomnia again
One-hundred percent

Sit down and cool off
Arms crossed…

Working on a false assumption
As I drifted off
Lucky dice, elaborate charm
The irrational hatred of monsters