Planetary romance

 Imagine you are in a dimension  

and there is no time… 

While earth moved around the sun 

and two doves descended 

Seduced by an alien  

– Is it you? 

Gladiation, daring escapes 

Adventure story set in space 

Bonding between clones, fluid genders 

Different from real-life cultures 

Unrequited and taboo 

Disastrous results that follow 

In a world that is unreachable… 

a very different Superhero 


Superhero, master of dreams

Colorful adventure, large canvas

Heightened drama, strange horizons

Between this world and ours

Same edge, different slant

Exaggerated story, negative effect

 It’s not linear, there’s no time

Gravity is slowing down

Lost world separate from our own

A war across time, not love


No Enemies

Spectacularly large creature

Renew peoples sense of wonder

A time that is green and lush

To understand what is beyond us

Enter his world. What can you see?

Evolutionary forces made him so big

Developed muscles, violently-colored tail

Long legs and feet, a narrow skull

Think.  How did this animal live?

Face like a vulture. Featherless

It lies in wait like a crocodile

Real life creature. Extinct reptile

Drawn into the animal.  It comes alive

It’s true.  The back of its skull is wide

   Eyes separated facing forward

                                                  A formidable predator walks the earth

Crushing bite, overwhelming force

Fearsome teeth. Ouch! That hurt

Cutting meat into chunks

Okay, okay rabbit it is

Frenzied behavior, exuberance

Bringing order to the chaos

Isn’t fatal, just fatiguing

A zoo of many other creatures


Storm raven,  leaves and turtle shells

A bone that’s crumbling.  It’s hollow

Thigh bone extracted from the ground

Dinosaur mummy in the  grasslands

Covered in mud, entombed in dirt

Near the coastal plain cut with rivers

By now over 65 million years old

Young Tyrannosaurus rex lies cold

Out into the museum world

Descendants of birds, extinct animals

Reconstructed museum skeleton

Imaging landscape across the eons


Basement Dwellers, Listen Up!

Hey, a fossil is still a rock

Sasquatch Island

Near the Cali/Nevada border

Sightings have been reported

Anecdotal story, of course

Where I never was before

A man in disguise?  Strange cries

– Darling, I thought you got deserted

Nearby hill of his habitat

He doesn’t want to interact

– You’re evil, seriously!

Flat foot, broad heel

Real or not real?

More slavish zombie than a friend

Bizarre marks left in the sand

In the world of the sublime

Disappeared into the wood line

Nothing there

He’s gone

He’s nothing

Hatred for non-humans

Made For You

Wait, wait, wait…what?

I order my burgers only kechup

My girlfriend’s sandwich is fine…and mine?

It came back with some kind of gooey cheese all over it

And some kind of sauce…it’s all wrong!

I should have requested a dine-in order

And inspected it at the counter

Please just get my grill order right

BNT and medium fries

How hard is it to not put things on a burger?

And put together my special order

As for my Hot Fudge Sundae…

I’m lovin’ it… Anyway!