Temple of the mind, a thousand fantasies lie rotting

This is how it is

As if my madness alone without me

In loving memory

Warned by a raven in the densest growth

Concert of Angels, tell me what you know

Plants in the Rainforest, limited sunlight

Fresh air all closed again, feeding on itself

Colors of the rainbow, streaming light

It’s too dangerous to wait until night

It doesn’t seem to be real somehow, serious and silent

Such a different time flow, black is the violet


Demon Flowers

On a summer’s day

Deep glow and the seaweed bending

Lit up her emerald eyes

A pentagon with a star inside


On summers day

Saw the garden as a tapestry

Everything changes – distorts

Reflected light has different colors


Living in the flowers nectar

Cherry and Magnolia

Entities from another dimension

No words.  Looking upward


Such vivid illumination

Computer simulated

A sliver of a window

The comedy is…ended

Oh…very sweet…

The Springtime of love

Came to me in my dream

A strange discovery

– As long as your’re quiet

you can stay

Lemon drops, lollipops

Faerie sort of place

An odd looking red stone

Undiscovered song

Chocolate hills, waterfalls

Pink and yellow bushes

Bon Bons, nut chews

in front of the roses

– Do you think it’s beautiful

when you zoom in?

Your Journey

Uncaptured bubble 

Heading inward

Little by little 

Like porcelain and gilded metal

Down to the delta level…

“Mellow greetings”


Eas’ going and smooth

Second sight, déjà vu 


Your colors seem to run into one another 


Sat idly by 

…where was I….

For that instant 

Reframe my mind…

“Last wishes”

Your shadow on the sand