Welcome to Deliverance

Kasaan, Alaska.  Why does it exist?

I recall the words…

Near Ernest Sound, Eastern Passage and

Zimovia Strait

When an eagle comes, south wind on its way

Whooshed through the yellow cypress

See Caulder Mountain for the first time

Shotguns and cricks

In the remote wilderness

That’s how this place is…

Fucked up, doped up

Moonshine, fifteen dollars a quart jar

Or if you prefer, a slow release opioid…

– I don’t like downers, I never have

Garbage cans, small dogs, and kids

All blowing around

Out here

Hillbilly youth, beauteous boy

Harassed and was forced to strip naked

But couldn’t escape and was raped…

Then left home

A trip into the unknown

Lines, wires, cables and chokers

Riggin rats and riggin slingers

How does a truck driver dress

In this country?

Caulk boots

A logging accident…what lies ahead

For this broken down cripple




All pink, blue and white

Space Opera of perpetual night

You slay me

Fan of feathers, farthest land

Like a necklace you hang


In this spot, circling mist

Ever higher wilderness

Astrally perfect

Behold,  a silver ribbon

Double motion, elusion

Fully upwards

Following far away

How time drags…

For this farie changeling

Planetary romance

 Imagine you are in a dimension  

and there is no time… 

While earth moved around the sun 

and two doves descended 

Seduced by an alien  

– Is it you? 

Gladiation, daring escapes 

Adventure story set in space 

Bonding between clones, fluid genders 

Different from real-life cultures 

Unrequited and taboo 

Disastrous results that follow 

In a world that is unreachable… 

a very different Superhero 


Superhero, master of dreams

Colorful adventure, large canvas

Heightened drama, strange horizons

Between this world and ours

Same edge, different slant

Exaggerated story, negative effect

 It’s not linear, there’s no time

Gravity is slowing down

Lost world separate from our own

A war across time, not love

Pieces of my heart


Stage performer, drama zombie

One leap and I’m over you

Quite strikingly

Half-past three

What is the image of God?

Don’t know what to fear

Ice root beer

Do I care what shape the wine glass is?

Freaks on the dance floor

Blunt as brute force

Both after and before

Dancing the Tango

With an Americano

Cross over into the unknown

Powerful figure, seething impulses

Everybody’s looking for love



The halls were lit
And at the same time
With a pattern of roses…

Suffering insomnia again
One-hundred percent

Sit down and cool off
Arms crossed…

Working on a false assumption
As I drifted off
Lucky dice, elaborate charm
The irrational hatred of monsters