All pink, blue and white

Space Opera of perpetual night

You slay me

Fan of feathers, farthest land

Like a necklace you hang


In this spot, circling mist

Ever higher wilderness

Astrally perfect

Behold,  a silver ribbon

Double motion, elusion

Fully upwards

Following far away

How time drags…

For this farie changeling


Nevada Garden

Medicine Hunter I salute you

Wild and lonely Spring shower

Harvesting all the water

Like hydroponic raindrops in the cosmos

Silver pebbles,  granite rock

By nature and by art

Circling in a wide domain

A single red horse

Only comes out when it’s raining


Frigate Bird

Desert isle, visions of trees

A place not many people see

Free and easy, screaming shrilly

The Figate bird sailed by

Circled over the inner bay

Mile long Southwest Cay

Within the lagoon

It flew


Brackish water, dreamy rapture

Reached my ear

Safe and happy

Go on! Sing!


Lighthouse above the sea

Roaring ocean receeding

Softened and became silent