Pent up energy

Ten to the 26th watts

Energy from the sun

Harness the light

In one form

Harness a volcano

Cascading down

Smooth magma flows

Geothermal form

Energy of motion

Shower of particles

Active galactic nuclei

Whirling black holes

Petroleum and methane

Stored underground

Life cycle of dead plants

And  animals

Stretch the fabric of space

Another false sunrise

Life as we know it

Romantic and dangerous


Nevada Garden

Medicine Hunter I salute you

Wild and lonely Spring shower

Harvesting all the water

Like hydroponic raindrops in the cosmos

Silver pebbles,  granite rock

By nature and by art

Circling in a wide domain

A single red horse

Only comes out when it’s raining


Roots and stagnant water

Passing phenomenon. Geological times

New landscape with volcanic rock forms

Everywhere it’s puffing and steaming

Harvesting water a hurricane

Hidden crevasses all around

Visibility zero, a total whiteout

Methane gases rise in the atmosphere

Ends the Cretaceous time.  67 million years

Enveloped in an ash cloud

Gas and solid rocks spew out

Freakish creature in the ribbed sand

New kind of theropod.  Non-avian

Common ancestor of the first birds

Crash-landed on a mesa from the stars

The missing link, most primitive specimen

Small body, small claws and powerful arms

A raptor with few changes. A herbivore

Evidence of feathers if you explore


Mangrove swamp.  Long-lost environment

Leaves its signature in the sediment

Petroglyphs depict  a rich timeline

Where Ghost Estates now lie

Perfectly preserved covered in gold

Further courtyards to his abode

Blue, green, yellow, brown

Dark companion, how did you perform?

Color spectrum fades and melts

10acious creature, a quiet toast

Took all the bones and buried them here

Spectacular nature… Mother Earth


Battle of Deception

– I control you.

(You control me)

– I control you.

(You own me)

– I control you.


You have our roles reversed


Self-aware and alive

Commuters running for their lives

Subtle clues, tension mounting

Classified.  Can’t you tell me?

Rising up.  Killer Droid

Queued overnight in the lab

Autonomous Terminator to fight our wars

No rivals in the universe

Remote control armies,  mortal combat

Select who to kill and don’t regret it

Soon they’ll want to rule the world

Where there used to be green fields…


– Why do you believe you are a robot?
(I do not)

– But why won’t you say you are a robot?

 (I am not)

– What is your name?

No Enemies

Spectacularly large creature

Renew peoples sense of wonder

A time that is green and lush

To understand what is beyond us

Enter his world. What can you see?

Evolutionary forces made him so big

Developed muscles, violently-colored tail

Long legs and feet, a narrow skull

Think.  How did this animal live?

Face like a vulture. Featherless

It lies in wait like a crocodile

Real life creature. Extinct reptile

Drawn into the animal.  It comes alive

It’s true.  The back of its skull is wide

   Eyes separated facing forward

                                                  A formidable predator walks the earth

Crushing bite, overwhelming force

Fearsome teeth. Ouch! That hurt

Cutting meat into chunks

Okay, okay rabbit it is

Frenzied behavior, exuberance

Bringing order to the chaos

Isn’t fatal, just fatiguing

A zoo of many other creatures


Storm raven,  leaves and turtle shells

A bone that’s crumbling.  It’s hollow

Thigh bone extracted from the ground

Dinosaur mummy in the  grasslands

Covered in mud, entombed in dirt

Near the coastal plain cut with rivers

By now over 65 million years old

Young Tyrannosaurus rex lies cold

Out into the museum world

Descendants of birds, extinct animals

Reconstructed museum skeleton

Imaging landscape across the eons


Basement Dwellers, Listen Up!

Hey, a fossil is still a rock