Pent up energy

Ten to the 26th watts

Energy from the sun

Harness the light

In one form

Harness a volcano

Cascading down

Smooth magma flows

Geothermal form

Energy of motion

Shower of particles

Active galactic nuclei

Whirling black holes

Petroleum and methane

Stored underground

Life cycle of dead plants

And  animals

Stretch the fabric of space

Another false sunrise

Life as we know it

Romantic and dangerous


Battle of Deception

– I control you.

(You control me)

– I control you.

(You own me)

– I control you.


You have our roles reversed


Self-aware and alive

Commuters running for their lives

Subtle clues, tension mounting

Classified.  Can’t you tell me?

Rising up.  Killer Droid

Queued overnight in the lab

Autonomous Terminator to fight our wars

No rivals in the universe

Remote control armies,  mortal combat

Select who to kill and don’t regret it

Soon they’ll want to rule the world

Where there used to be green fields…


– Why do you believe you are a robot?
(I do not)

– But why won’t you say you are a robot?

 (I am not)

– What is your name?